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Tennessee VIN Checks

A vehicle identification number check in Tennessee, otherwise known as a VIN check, is an essential step you must take before buying any used car. A VIN is a 17-character code located in the same places on all vehicles. VINs can usually be found in the lower left corner of a windshield and in the driver’s side door jamb. Some vehicles may list the VIN in additional places, such as the engine block, inside of the trunk or under the front fender. If you are wondering how to check VIN number reports, then you should know it is a simple process. After you have located the vehicle identification number, it is easy to complete a VIN lookup on the spot and receive an instant report. One of the best methods for looking up VIN number information is to submit your VIN history request here. In the sections below, learn why a TennesseeVIN report is important and discover what checking VIN numbers will tell you about the next car you want to purchase.

When to Get a Tennessee VIN Number Report

Tennessee VIN checks should be done regardless of whether you buy a car from an individual or a used car dealership. Additionally, a VIN history report needs to be obtained before you purchase your vehicle. Completing the VIN number lookup after purchasing a car could reveal important information that would have affected whether or not you wanted to purchase the vehicle in the first place. Since a VIN code lookup for TN cars can be obtained instantly, it is easy to lookup VIN information right here before meeting with the seller.

What does a Tennessee VIN number check reveal?

When you check VIN number information in Tennessee, you will receive a report detailing the vehicle history. Vehicle history reports are maintained by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). When you look up a VIN number, a report will tell you five key things about a vehicle. First, a VIN report tells you when and where the vehicle was last titled. This information helps you see whether you should be concerned about fraud or vehicle theft. Second, you will see what the last recorded odometer reading was. Odometer information in VIN number reports is collected by various agencies, and based on the report, you should be able to tell if the odometer reading is accurate. Third, a VIN code lookup tells you if the vehicle has a salvage history. A salvage history indicates that the vehicle sustained severe enough damage to require major repairs. Next, a vehicle history report indicates whether the vehicle has ever been totaled or deemed a total loss. Lastly, you will get to see if the car title has any brands on it, which are added to a title to describe specific conditions and types of damage. To see what checking a VIN number in Tennessee will reveal about a car you want to buy, get a VIN report here.

Why You Must Get a Tennessee VIN History Report

A VIN number report is one of your most valuable resources if you are shopping for a used car in Tennessee. VIN checks help you buy a car with more confidence and reveal information that can significantly affect your buying decisions. While most sellers are honest and tell you what you need to know about a vehicle, not all sellers are trustworthy. Checking VIN numbers in TN can save you from buying a car in the state with a questionable history. For example, a seller could fail to inform you of flood or fire damage, which may not affect the safety of the vehicle, but it does affect the value significantly. If a seller does not disclose this information, then he or she may be trying to get more than the car is worth. With a VIN report in hand, you can dispute any suspicious damage that the seller wanted to hide.

VIN reports in Tennessee also indicate whether the vehicle has been reported as stolen. Knowing where VIN numbers are located on a vehicle allows you to make sure all of the numbers match one another. A vehicle with inconsistent VINs may have been tampered with. Thieves can attempt to sell a vehicle as if they own it, especially if they have also obtained the title and registration paperwork. A TN VIN report also reveals information about the car’s make, model year, body style and color. If any of this information does not match the car you inspect, then the sale could be fraudulent.

Most importantly, VIN lookups in Tennessee tell you whether the vehicle is safe to drive. Checking a VIN number will let you see whether the vehicle has ever sustained major damage due to an accident or other incident. A car with a salvage or total loss brand on the title may still be restored to a safe driving condition and be resold. Using a VIN history report gives you an opportunity to ask the seller if the vehicle was properly inspected after being repaired. If you discover salvage information on a report and the seller did not disclose it, then you may want to buy a different car. Make sure to complete a Tennessee VIN number check here before buying your next vehicle. A VIN check can be completed instantly and it may save you from the months or years of trouble you may experience after buying a vehicle without knowing its history.


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