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Reports and Records in Tennessee

A Tennessee driving record is available to licensed motorists and certain authorized parties who wish to review the personal driving history of a vehicle operator. Applicants may obtain a driving record copy through the Driver Services Division under the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOSHS). To order a DMV driving record, applicants may submit a request online, in person at a Driver Services Center or by mail. Additionally, residents may order a credit report if they wish to check their financial history before applying for a loan. Since many entities use a TN drivers record and a credit score report to determine whether to do business with a Tennessee resident or not, it is important that residents monitor such information and submit changes as needed. In addition, completing a VIN check before purchasing a used car is crucial, as a Tennessee vehicle identification number check contains a great deal of information about an automobile’s history. Another type of vital record in TN includes original or certified birth certificates. Residents may order a certificate of birth for any reason or they may obtain TN death records through the state Office of Vital Records under the Department of Health. A marriage certificate or certified divorce records are also available for a fee through the department. In most cases, residents may order marriage and divorce records and a birth or death certificate online, in person or by mail. To learn more about how to check your driving record in TN or to learn more about ordering credit reports and other records, review the following pages.

Tennessee Driving Records

A Tennessee driving record is produced by the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security. Official driving records — often referred to as Moving Violation Reports (MVRs) — contain your driving data.

Tennessee Credit Reports

A Tennessee credit score report plays an important role in many parts of your life as a resident of the state. Many people ask, “What is a credit report?” and wonder how it is used.

Tennessee VIN Checks

A vehicle identification number check in Tennessee, otherwise known as a VIN check, is an essential step you must take before buying any used car. A VIN is a 17-character code located in the same places on all vehicles.

Tennessee Birth Certificates

Tennessee birth certificates are a type of vital record that you must keep throughout your life. A certificate of birth is used to verify your name and birth date, which is required for countless applications.

Tennessee Marriage Certificates

Applying for a Tennessee marriage license is the first step in getting your marriage certificate. Marriage licenses differ from certificates in that you must apply for a license before you can get married.

Tennessee Death Certificates

Tennessee death records are maintained by the Office of Vital Records. A copy of death certificate documentation is filed with the state by funeral directors, physicians, medical examiners ...

Tennessee Divorce Certificates

Tennessee divorce records are generally a matter of public record. A divorce search can be performed to locate records from any divorce or annulment that occurred after records were kept.


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