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Scholarships Available in Tennessee

High school students aspire to go to college for many reasons. A college education gives students the opportunity to further their knowledge in their area of interest, mainly through participating in courses designed for that purpose. After completing four years of continued studies, college students earn a degree in their field of study and may gain employment in their chosen industry. Today, a number of programs exist to help high school students attend college across the country. Some of these programs are designed to assist students who otherwise may not have enough money to enroll. Scholarships help students attend college by covering a portion, or all, of their college tuition. Across the United States, many different types of scholarships exist. A scholarship can be awarded to students for various purposes, whether based on their field of study, ethnicity or personal achievements. In Tennessee, many scholarships exist for incoming college freshman to potentially use in order to attend college without any financial hardships. One of the greatest benefits derived by a scholarship is that, unlike student loans, they do not have to be repaid.

Examples of Scholarships Available

Scholarships are generally awarded based on various criteria. Academic merit scholarships are awarded to students based on their GPA and ACT scores. For example, Middle Tennessee State University has a Freshman Guaranteed Scholarship Program, which may award students scholarships if they meet the requirements proposed by the university. Students here must be incoming freshman and need to have their required information on file with the Admissions Office. A qualifying official SAT and/or ACT, and an official sixth-semester high school transcript with its cumulative required GPA, must be provided in order for a student to be eligible for the scholarship program. Tennessee has several scholarship programs available for incoming college freshman, as well as students already attending their school.

Tennessee Scholarships

The AQHA Swayze Woodruff Memorial Mid-South Scholarship

This scholarship supports the statewide and local horse industry. Youth leaders who actively take part in the Foundation's state affiliate may qualify for this scholarship. The scholarship awards eligible students up to $9,000 in tuition funds.

Bird Dog Foundation Essay Contest

The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. hosts a scholarship fund for students interested in wildlife conservation and other related subjects. This scholarship is designed to improve scholarly education and training for students interested in wildlife conservation. Eligible students may be awarded up to $1,500 in scholarship money.

Church's Chicken Community Scholarship Program

Church's Partners Foundation provides scholarships to eligible high school seniors who desire to continue their education in college or vocational schools. Each year, the foundation offers scholarships to students who wish to study part-time or full-time at an accredited college of their choice. Students who qualify may receive up to $1,000.

EMU National Scholars Program

The EMU National Scholars Program pays eligible students for four years if they qualify for the scholarship. The four-year award pays out 30 credit hours per year, or 15 per semester, of the out-of-state tuition difference. Students who wish to qualify have to be a new freshman student or a new transfer student, in addition to being from any state besides Michigan or Ohio. Students also are required to live on campus for their first two years of receiving the award. Eligible students may receive up to $15,000 if awarded the scholarship.

Tennessee Ned McWherter Scholars Program

This Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation administered scholarship helps qualified applicants pay to attend post-secondary educational institutions in the state. The scholarship generally covers the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks, school supplies and other schooling costs. Students who qualify for this scholarship may be awarded up to $24,000 in tuition.

Tennessee HOPE Scholarship

Applicants will need to complete a FAFSA form and submit it no later than September 1st for the fall semester. Tennessee residency is required, and the applicant must have graduated from a high school in the state. There are additional requirements for ACT and SAT scores, as well as GPA of at least a 3.0.

Middle College Scholarship

Students who would like to apply for this scholarship must be a Tennessee resident, have a 3.0 GPA, and be eligible to enroll in a local community college. This scholarship is particularly for those residents who are eligible for dual enrollment in their junior year of high school.

General Assembly Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to entering freshmen who wish to attend a college in Tennessee. The funds are obtained from the state’s lottery program. To apply, a student needs to submit a FAFSA form and meet GPA/SAT/ACT minimums.


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