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Traffic Tickets in Tennessee

Some traffic tickets in Tennessee require that you go to court, while others can be settled simply by paying a fine. After you receive traffic citations, the officer who issued the ticket will tell you what steps you have to take next. In many cases, after getting a traffic ticket, you can go home and pay your traffic fines to avoid any further penalties. For example, you can usually pay speeding ticket charges without having to take any further action. However, if you do not wish to accept traffic citation charges, then you may request a court date to contest your ticket. Some Tennessee traffic violations require that you appear in court to face your charges even if you do not wish to contest them. If you are not sure what to do after getting a traffic ticket, then it is best to consult a traffic ticket attorney for advice. In the sections below, learn everything you need to know about paying speeding tickets and other charges, hiring a ticket lawyer and going to court for your ticket charges.

How Hiring a Tennessee Traffic Lawyer Helps Your Case

A Tennessee traffic violation lawyer is a valuable asset if you wish to fight traffic ticket charges in the state or if you received a ticket with a mandatory court appearance. Even if are not sure what to do about a traffic fine, a lawyer can still offer advice. A strong traffic ticket defense is necessary anytime you go to court in Tennessee. The court process can be challenging to navigate on your own even if the charges against you are straightforward. A ticket attorney knows the entire court process and can help you get a much better outcome from your court appearance. While many traffic violation charges cannot be dismissed, traffic lawyers know how to negotiate for lighter penalties, such as lower fines. If you plan on fighting traffic ticket charges in court, then it is essential to have a traffic citation lawyer on your side

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket in Tennessee

In many cases, you can pay a speeding ticket and other less serious traffic violation charges to avoid appearing in court. Choosing the “pay traffic ticket online” option is popular because many people do not want to deal with the court process if they are not required to do so. Paying traffic tickets online in Tennessee is an option in nearly every municipality that issues tickets. To see if you can choose the option “pay speeding ticket online” in your city or county, refer to your citation or ask the city or county clerk. When paying a traffic ticket online is not an option, you should be able to mail in a payment, drop off your payment in person or pay over the phone. In most cases, you will need your traffic citation number or a portion of the citation itself to pay your ticket.

It is important to note that paying a traffic ticket in Tennessee is treated as an admission of guilt. You cannot pay traffic fines and decide later that you wish to contest your charges. Paying traffic tickets is usually the easiest way to settle a ticket, but fighting traffic ticket charges is still an option if you respond to your ticket and request a hearing before the deadline.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Tennessee

One of the main drawbacks to paying traffic tickets in Tennessee is that you may receive points on your driving record. When your driving record includes moving violations, such as speeding, your car insurance rates may increase as well. Learning how to fight traffic ticket charges, on the other hand, may decrease your chances of paying fines, receiving points on your driving record and facing additional penalties, such as community service or jail time. To fight traffic ticket charges, you must request a court date before the deadline listed on your ticket. It is crucial to not miss your court date or you will pay fines for missing it in addition to the ticket fines you received. Most traffic court hearings are held in the municipality where you received your ticket. With the help of a traffic lawyer, you can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest to your charges. A TN traffic violation lawyer can help you receive lighter penalties, but there is no guarantee that you can avoid every penalty for your citation. No matter what, you will want to have a traffic ticket defense strategy to get the best outcome from your case.

Mandatory Tennessee Traffic Ticket Court Appearances

Some of the more serious Tennessee traffic violations cannot be settled out of court. Traffic citations issued for the following violations typically result in a mandatory court appearance:

  • Driving without a license or vehicle registration card
  • Failing to provide proof of financial responsibility (insurance)
  • Reckless driving
  • Causing an accident
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you receive a traffic ticket in Tennessee, then the citation will indicate whether the charge comes with a mandatory court appearance. Traffic citations may come with a court summons as well or you may receive a summons in the mail at a later date. Failing to respond to a mandatory traffic violation summons will result in late fees on your ticket as well as court fees. Missing your court date could also result in losing your driving privileges. If you are required to go to court for any reason, then you should hire a traffic ticket attorney right away.


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