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Ticket Attorneys in Tennessee

A Tennessee traffic lawyer can help motorists reduce or dismiss charges after receiving a motor vehicle-related citation. Additionally, a traffic court lawyer can help motorists avoid a driver license suspension or revocation, as an accumulation of demerit points often results in the loss of driving privileges. A ticket lawyer can even represent drivers in court, helping them to obtain witnesses and supporting evidence. If motorists do not hire a traffic violation lawyer to help them fight a citation, they may receive additional demerit points on their driving records, higher auto insurance premiums and they may need to pay costly fines. However, a traffic ticket attorney can help drivers fight a citation and the various consequences that may come with it. If motorists wish to fight ticket offenses, they may search for a traffic ticket lawyer online. To learn more about how to contest or fight traffic ticket offenses with the assistance of a lawyer, review the information below.

How can a Tennessee traffic lawyer help me?

Drivers may hire a ticket attorney in Tennessee if they receive a citation for a moving violation but wish to fight the offense in court. For instance, a traffic court lawyer can help motorists in fighting a speeding ticket or dropping charges related to reckless or aggressive driving, operating a vehicle on the wrong side of a road or making an improper turn. Additionally, traffic lawyers can help motorists who speed in a construction zone, operate a vehicle without a driver license and those who violate the restrictions on their driving credential. Ticket lawyers in TN can help motorists fight more severe offenses as well, including the following:

  • Fleeing a law enforcement officer
  • Participating in child endangerment
  • Operating a vehicle with a driver license suspension, cancellation or revocation
  • Excessive speeding in a commercial vehicle
  • Contributing to a traffic accident resulting in the death of another driver or passenger
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Failing to stop at a railroad crossing

Tennessee Traffic Ticket Attorney Benefits

A traffic attorney or a knowledgeable speeding ticket lawyer can help drivers fight or reduce demerit points and/or penalty fines after they commit a moving violation and receive a citation. If motorists choose to hire a ticket attorney to help them fight a citation before a judge, a lawyer can represent them in court, negotiate alternate penalties (such as the completion of a driver improvement course) and gather supporting evidence. Additionally, traffic lawyers in TN can help residents decide whether they should fight a traffic ticket or simply plead guilty and pay the fine. As such, traffic court lawyers can help motorists weigh the pros of cons of fighting a ticket in court versus paying the fine and receiving additional demerit points on their driving record. In most cases, hiring a traffic lawyer is the best option if motorists are about to lose their driving privileges or if they cannot afford to pay higher insurance premiums.

Furthermore, the hiring of a traffic lawyer is especially important in cases of mandatory court appearances. Whether motorists wish to fight a TN ticket or not, they often need to appear in court after committing the following violations:

  • Violating the terms of a driver license revocation or suspension
  • Violating the state’s financial responsibility law
  • Receiving a citation after being involved in a traffic accident
  • Driving with an open bottle of alcohol in the vehicle
  • Failure to obtain a GED or attend traffic school (as ordered)

Where to Find a Traffic Court Lawyer in Tennessee

Motorists can find ticket lawyers in TN through their local municipal court office, online, or through a private firm. Before hiring a ticket attorney, however, it is important to consider traffic lawyer fees in comparison to the cost of the citation. If drivers wish to hire a traffic lawyer but cannot afford to pay standard ticket attorney fees, they may contact their municipal court office to learn more about hiring a public defender. Specific guidelines may vary by municipality, but generally, residents may obtain a public defender if their annual income is below 125 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

How to Hire a Traffic Lawyer in Tennessee

Before hiring a traffic ticket attorney, it is important that Tennessee residents shop around and consider the various options available to them. As such, drivers can contact local traffic court lawyers in the state, read online reviews and compare traffic lawyer costs online. For the best outcome, it is important to hire a resident ticket lawyer, as these traffic attorneys are familiar with local laws and judges.


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