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Parking Tickets in Tennessee

Motorists receive Tennessee parking citations for various reasons, including violations pertaining to handicap or veteran parking spaces. Additionally, motorists receive parking tickets if they leave their vehicles unattended on a public street or if they block a traffic control sign or marking. Drivers may also receive a parking ticket if their vehicle blocks a crosswalk, sidewalk, intersection, public driveway or if motorists stop their automobile in any prohibited area, including a bridge or highway tunnel. However, Tennessee parking violations often vary depending on a municipal’s motor vehicle code. If a local parking authority issues a ticket for any reason, motorists can either file an appeal or they may pay parking tickets directly through their local municipality. In many cases, the process of paying a parking ticket varies depending on the city in which motorists reside. To learn more about paying parking citations in TN after receiving a ticket from the parking authority, review the information below.

Why did I get a parking ticket in Tennessee?

Motorists receive parking tickets in Tennessee after committing various violations, such as stopping or leaving a vehicle unattended in any prohibited area. Additionally, residents receive parking citations for stopping a vehicle in a space designated for veterans or other motorists with disabilities. If motorists commit a parking violation, they may receive a citation from local parking authority officials. For instance, drivers may receive a parking citation for reasons such as the following:

  • Stopping, standing or parking a vehicle in a space designated for handicapped residents or veterans with disabilities
  • Stopping or parking a vehicle on a sidewalk, crosswalk, in front of a public driveway or within an intersection
  • Parking an automobile within 30 feet of any flashing traffic control signal
  • Parking a vehicle within 20 feet of a crosswalk at any intersection
  • Stopping a vehicle within 20 feet of the entrance to a fire station
  • Stopping a vehicle between a safety zone
  • Parking an automobile on a bridge
  • Stopping a vehicle within 50 feet of a railroad crossing
  • Unlawfully parking in a metered space

Furthermore, Tennessee parking violations pertain to disability, handicapped or veteran spaces as well. As such, motorists may receive a parking ticket if they stop their vehicle in a disability space without a physically handicapped resident present in the automobile. Drivers may also receive a TN parking citation for stopping their vehicle in a disability space if their automobile does not display a handicapped license plate or placard.

Consequences of Parking Violations in Tennessee

When motorists commit a parking violation in Tennessee, they often receive a ticket for committing the offense. However, local parking authority officials issue tickets to the vehicle’s license plate/tag, rather than the driver of the automobile. For this reason, a parking ticket generally does not appear on a driver’s traffic record. However, specific regulations may vary by city.

After motorists receive parking tickets in TN, they must pay the fine through their local municipality. However, fees for parking citations often vary depending on the severity of the violation. If drivers do not pay a parking citation before the due date, then the fee will generally increase in amount. Furthermore, other consequences of committing parking violations in Tennessee may include the towing or impoundment of an automobile, especially in cases involving public spaces or meters. However, certain parking citations may result in more severe consequences. For instance, residents with a parking ticket in TN may need to appear in court if they commit a misdemeanor offense for stopping a vehicle in a space designated for residents with disabilities or if they unlawfully sell or manufacture disability placards. In other cases, a disability parking violation may result in a $100 fine and the towing of the vehicle if motorists stop an automobile in a handicap space.

How to Pay Parking Tickets in Tennessee

The process of paying Tennessee parking tickets often varies by municipality. For this reason, motorists must review parking citations for specific municipality payment instructions. In most cases, motorists may pay a parking ticket online, in person, by mail or by telephone, unless their citation specifically states that they must appear in court. When submitting payment for a parking ticket, motorists must include a citation number, license plate/tag number and their name.

Contesting a Tennessee Parking Citation

If residents wish to contest a TN parking ticket, they must file an appeal through their local City Court’s office. While the specific process of appealing a parking citation varies by municipality, motorists generally need to obtain an appeal form at their local City Court’s office within three days of receiving the citation. During this time, motorists may schedule an appeal court date.

If motorists falsely receive a parking ticket in TN, they may submit a written request to their City Court’s office. To do so, drivers must include the following information with their request:

  • Full name, address and telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Driver license number
  • Parking ticket number


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