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SR22 Insurance in Tennessee

Motorists must file an sr22 form in Tennessee if they violate the state’s Financial Responsibility Law and fail to demonstrate proof of auto insurance after a traffic crash occurs. If drivers need to file an sr-22 form, they must do so through a licensed insurance provider and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOSHS). Furthermore, motorists may need to obtain an SR22 form if they receive a driver license suspension or revocation for committing frequent traffic violations, drag racing, violating implied consent laws or driving away without paying for gasoline. To avoid these SR22 insurance requirements, motorists must maintain a clean driving record and purchase an automobile liability insurance policy, or they may demonstrate proof of financial responsibility by making a cash deposit or posting a bond with the state Department of Revenue (DOR). However, most drivers avoid SR22 requirements by obtaining a liability auto insurance policy. To learn more about SR-22 insurance requirements and how to get sr22 insurance in Tennessee, review the information below.

What is Tennessee SR22 insurance?

Drivers must file a Tennessee sr22 form with their automobile insurance company if they lose their driving privileges and wish to apply for reinstatement through the TDOSHS. After filing an SR-22 insurance form, the liability provider must file the form with the TDOSHS. However, SR-22 insurance is not the same as auto insurance. In addition to filing an SR-22 form, motorists must purchase a standard automobile insurance policy from a licensed provider in the state. After filing an sr-22 insurance form in TN, motorists must obtain liability auto insurance to meet the state’s Financial Responsibility Law. Under state law, drivers must obtain $25,000 for the injury or death of one person, $50,000 for all injuries or deaths and $15,000 for the property damages of one accident.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Tennessee?

Vehicle owners must purchase SR22 insurance if they receive a driving license suspension or revocation and wish to reinstate their driver license through the TDOSHS. For instance, motorists may need to obtain a Tennessee SR22 policy if they lose their driving privileges for committing the following:

  • Frequent traffic violations and/or crashes
  • Violating the state’s Implied Consent Law
  • Accumulating 12 or more traffic points within a 12-month period (or six or more points for juvenile drivers)
  • Violating Financial Responsibility Laws
  • Failing to report a crash
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Additionally, motorists may need to file an SR-22 form in TN if they lose their driving privileges but wish to obtain a restricted driver credential before their license suspension or revocation period ends. In addition to submitting an sr22 form, restricted driving license applicants must visit a driver license station to submit two copies of a court order and pay all applicable licensing fees. In some cases, drivers may need to pass a knowledge exam, road test and vision screening, depending on their individual traffic record.

Consequences of Purchasing SR22 in Tennessee

If drivers need to purchase an SR22 insurance policy in TN, they may need to maintain proof of financial responsibility for a total of five years from the date in which they receive a driver license suspension, unless they do not plan to reinstate their driving privileges. If motorists file an SR22 form with an insurance provider and choose to reinstate their driving privileges with the TDOSHS, they must maintain an active SR22 policy until they are no longer required to do so. If drivers do not meet SR22 insurance requirements, they will receive another driver license suspension or revocation.

What are Tennessee SR-22 rates?

SR22 insurance quotes and rates vary by company, as insurance providers determine SR22 rates rather than the state of Tennessee. However, SR-22 insurance rates are often higher than standard auto insurance premiums, as SR22 requirements are generally associated with higher-risk drivers. To receive an accurate SR22 insurance quote in TN, motorists must contact their provider for additional information. Additionally, it is important to shop around and compare SR-22 insurance quotes before purchasing a policy.

After filing an SR22 form through a licensed auto insurance provider, motorists generally need to pay a nominal fee to file the certificate with their insurance agency. However, SR22 filing fees generally vary by insurance provider. In addition to purchasing SR22 insurance in TN, drivers need to obtain a liability auto insurance policy, as SR-22 does not meet the state’s minimum financial responsibility requirements. Furthermore, not all companies offer SR-22 insurance, so motorists need to file an SR22 certificate with a company that does. The sr-22 insurance provider must also be licensed through the state Department of Commerce and Insurance. In addition to SR-22 filing rates and regular auto insurance costs, motorists need to pay driver license reinstatement fees.

Penalties of Not Obtaining SR22 Insurance in Tennessee

If motorists do not obtain SR22 insurance, they cannot reinstate their driving credentials with the TDOSHS until the end of their license suspension. Since drivers generally need to file Tennessee SR22 forms for up to five years, they cannot reinstate their driving license until the end of the five-year period unless they obtain an SR-22 insurance policy through a licensed provider. If drivers do file an SR22 form with their auto insurance provider, they may purchase a standard liability policy and reinstate their driving credentials with the TDOSHS.


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