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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Tennessee

Motorists must obtain recreational vehicle coverage in Tennessee if they own and operate a motorhome, as an RV insurance policy is not the same as purchasing standard automobile coverage. In many cases, motorists must obtain recreational vehicle insuranceand automobile coverage if they own and operate both types of vehicles. However, motorists may be able to purchase RV insurance coverage through their current automobile agent rather than obtaining a recreational vehicle policy from a separate provider. Furthermore, specific RV insurance requirements may vary depending on whether motorists finance the vehicle, as many financial institutions require drivers to purchase comprehensive coverage. Additionally, RV coverage requirements and rates may vary depending on the class of the motorhome, as Class A recreational vehicles are often more expensive to insure than Class B or C motorhomes. To learn more about Tennessee RV insurance requirements, including where to find recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates, review the information below.

Tennessee RV Insurance Policy Requirements

Vehicle owners must obtain recreational vehicle insurance in Tennessee if they own and operate a motorhome or RV, as state law requires motorists to demonstrate proof of financial responsibility on all types of automobiles in the state. However, specific RV insurance requirements generally vary by motorhome type and whether motorists finance the vehicle or not. While minimum auto insurance requirements include $25,000 for the injury or death of one person, $50,000 for all injuries or deaths and $15,000 for property damages per accident, these amounts may not be enough to cover a motorhome or RV. For this reason, obtaining recreational vehicle coverage from a reputable company is crucial, as RV insurance policies often cover additional expenses such as total loss replacement, roadside assistance and campsite liability.

What is RV insurance in Tennessee and what does it cover?

Tennessee RV insurance policies often provide motorists with basic collision, liability and comprehensive coverage. With RV insurance coverage, motorists will reduce out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident or bodily injury. However, recreational vehicle coverage may include additional options as well, such as vacation or emergency services, towing or roadside assistance and protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists. With these optional RV insurance policies, motorists receive additional financial protection if the motorhome breaks down on the side of the road or the RV is stolen from them. Motorists may purchase a basic RV insurance policy to meet the state’s minimum liability requirements or they may obtain specialty coverage if they wish to receive additional protection in the event of a financial loss.

How much does Tennessee recreational vehicle insurance cost?

Many factors affect recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates, including the location and driving history of the RV owner and the specific automobile type. Other factors affecting Tennessee RV insurance estimates include the following:

  • The age, marital status and gender of the RV owner
  • Whether the RV owner is an experienced recreational vehicle driver or not
  • How many miles the RV owner plans to drive
  • The RV type and class (including its make and model)
  • The age and condition of the vehicle
  • How often the RV owner operates the recreational vehicle
  • The history of the RV owner’s previous auto insurance claims
  • Whether the RV owner is eligible for any insurance discounts

While RV insurance quotes and rates vary depending on several important factors, the average cost of an RV insurance policy ranges between $860 and $4,490 per year, depending on the class of the recreational vehicle and the above. For specific RV insurance quotes in Tennessee, motorists must contact an agent.

How to Get RV Insurance Quotes in Tennessee

Before purchasing an RV insurance policy, it is important to obtain recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates from several reputable companies. In many cases, drivers may purchase motorhome insurance directly through their automobile agent, or they may compare quotes online if they wish to obtain a separate policy. When purchasing a recreational vehicle insurance policy in TN, customers may contact an independent or exclusive agent, or they may compare quotes online. Independent RV insurance agents represent various recreational vehicle insurance companies, while exclusive agents only work for one agency. When comparing RV insurance policies online, however, motorists can search for customer reviews and read consumer complaints through the website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

How to Compare Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quotes in Tennessee

When comparing RV insurance quotes in TN, motorists will generally need to provide the agent with their Social Security Number (SSN) and the vehicle’s identification number (VIN). The RV insurance company may also require customers to provide information about their driving record and/or credit history. After providing the recreational vehicle insurance company with this information, the agent can search for the most accurate premium quotes. However, actual RV insurance rates may be slightly higher or lower depending on each specific situation. For this reason, it is important to provide the Tennessee RV insurance agent with as much information as possible and ask plenty of questions. When comparing RV insurance prices in TN, customers can ask the agent questions such as the following:

  • Is the company licensed in the state of Tennessee?
  • Which type of recreational vehicle coverage is required?
  • What does the RV insurance policy cover? What is not included?
  • Does driving and/or credit history affect RV insurance quotes and rates?
  • Are there any available insurance discounts?


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