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Health Insurance in Tennessee

Many Tennessee medical insurance plans are available to suit your health insurance needs. Health insurance enrollment is mandatory under the Affordable Care Act, making it important to learn how to find a medical insurance plan if you are currently without coverage. Many people avoid getting health insurance because it is expensive, but the penalties for not having it often outweigh the costs of paying for a plan in the first place. Many affordable health insurance plans exist for you to choose from. By comparing health insurance quotes online right here, you can find ways to save money while still getting a health insurance plan that suits your needs. Several forms of medical insurance assistance are also available from the Tennessee government if you cannot afford a plan. Below, learn how to find medical insurance plans, compare plans to get a more affordable deal and fill out a health insurance application in Tennessee.

Tennessee Medical Insurance Enrollment Requirements

Enrolling in health insurance in Tennessee is in your best interest for a number of reasons. First, health insurance is mandatory in Tennessee and throughout the rest of the U.S., which indicates that you must apply for health insurance to avoid penalties. If you can afford health care coverage but choose not to buy a plan, then you will pay a fee for each month you go uninsured, which is calculated either as a percentage of your household income or as the cost equivalent of a “Bronze” health care plan. The fees for failing to get a health insurance plan may cost just as much as a lower-level plan.

Obtaining TN health insurance is beneficial because you will be financially covered if a medical issue arises unexpectedly. Medical insurance plans provide protection in the event of an accident, medical emergency, unplanned surgery or a newly-developed condition that requires medical treatment. Health care insurance also covers routine hospital visits that aid in preventative medical care. If you can afford a Tennessee medical insurance plan, then you may find affordable rates by comparing plans here.

There are some exceptions to Tennessee health insurance enrollment requirements that you may qualify for. You can avoid health insurance penalties if you were uninsured for less than two consecutive calendar months. You are also exempt if you experienced a hardship or traumatic event that prevented you from obtaining or maintaining your insurance plan. If you cannot afford health insurance or do not meet the household income requirements for mandatory health care coverage, then you may also be exempt. If you cannot find an affordable health care plan, then read the following section about financial assistance.

Tennessee Health Insurance Assistance

Not everyone can afford health insurance, but the Tennessee government offers assistance to make health care coverage possible. Tennessee’s main health care insurance assistance program is called TennCare, with divisions such as TennCare Medicaid, TennCare Kids and Long-Term Services and Support. These medical insurance assistance plans in TN are designed to help you find insurance for yourself and your children when traditional health insurance is not affordable. As TennCare is similar to the national Medicaid program, you must be eligible for Medicaid to apply. If you do not meet the requirements for TennCare, then you may be required to apply for a traditional plan instead. It is still possible to find affordable health care plans in Tennessee when you are not eligible for state assistance. Start by comparing medical insurance quotes here.

How to Shop for Tennessee Medical Insurance Plans

The health insurance marketplace is used to shop for health care plans in Tennessee. You can browse the health care marketplace to get a better idea of what kinds of coverage you may want. Most plans are categorized as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, referring to the cost of the coverage, how high the deductible is and what types of coverage are provided. Comparing health insurance quotes is one of the best ways to find an affordable plan that has a monthly cost, deductible, copay amount and other details within your price range. Compare healthcare insurance quotes online here before selecting a plan.

Once you select a TN health insurance plan that suits your needs, you must provide information about yourself, such as your Social Security Number, occupation, income, address, household size and more. Note that you cannot apply for health insurance or change your plan anytime you want, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Most applicants must wait until open enrollment periods before applying. If you have recently had a life change that affects your ability to obtain or maintain health care coverage, then you may apply outside the open enrollment periods. Situations that may qualify you to apply for health care outside of open enrollment include:

  • Turning 26 years of age, at which point you may no longer stay on your parents’ plan.
  • Having a career change and losing your current coverage.
  • Getting married or divorced.
  • Getting pregnant or giving birth.
  • Facing a personal hardship or family emergency that affects your coverage.

How to Find More Affordable Health Insurance in Tennessee

The costs for TN health insurance vary greatly based on individual factors, but there are certain steps anyone can take to lower medical insurance costs. For instance, your health care plan is affected by the amount of your deductible, monthly payment, copay, out-of-pocket maximum limits and health care network options. Having a high deductible can lead to lower monthly bills. However, it also means you must pay more out of pocket before your health insurance plan will cover your medical expenses. Additionally, using in-network health care providers rather than doctors outside of your coverage range will lead to lower costs overall. You can get more affordable health insurance in Tennessee by shopping around for a new plan during the next open enrollment period and considering these factors. The best way to get the most affordable plan is to compare health insurance quotes before choosing a plan.


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