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Tennessee Drivers Education

Tennessee drivers ed programs include a combination of classroom lessons and behind-the-wheeldriving lessons. Drivers education programs are a necessary step to take before you can advance through Tennessee’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) program if you have been convicted of a second moving violation while holding a permit. Teen driving school requirements are set by the National Safety Council and the Tennessee Regional Safety Council. In Tennessee, you must complete driving classes either online or in a classroom setting under certain circumstances to proceed in the GDL program. Note that a driving course must be taken for obtaining a hardship license. There are many locations where you can take a driving safety course in Tennessee, making it easy to complete your classes. Some portions of driver education can also be completed under the supervision of your parents. In the sections below, learn where to take a Tennessee teen driving course, what the driving lesson requirements are and how courses help you prepare for a license with full driving privileges.

Where to Take Teen Driving Courses in Tennessee

Tennessee has many first time driving school options for you to choose from. The classroom portion of drivers ed needs to be conducted by a trained driving instructor. Lessons for driving may be given by the same school you use for the classroom portion of drivers education. However, parents and guardians can also administer behind-the-wheel lessons after the classroom portion is complete.

When looking for a driver safety course to take, make sure the school you choose is included in the Tennessee Department of Safety’s list of approved schools. In Tennessee, driving classes can be taken at many different school districts, local police departments and independent driving schools. You may even take an online driving course that meets Tennessee drivers ed requirements. Note that some online drivers ed courses may require that a portion of the class is taken in person. When signing up for a driving class in Tennessee, be aware that many schools also offer driver improvement courses geared towards experienced drivers who need to improve their skills. Make sure to select a driving class that offers first-time driver lessons rather than lessons for defensive driving or driver improvement.

What do Tennessee teen driving schools teach?

A driving safety course in Tennessee will cover all of the information you need to know in order to pass certain driver license tests. The classroom portion of drivers ed covers driving laws, how to operate a vehicle safely and how to take the next steps in getting a hardship permit or intermediate unrestricted license. Teen driving classes also give you valuable hands-on driving experience. Not only is the experience helpful in making you a more confident driver, but it is also required that you attain enough driving practice before you can apply for an intermediate unrestricted license after two moving violations on your record. Some teen driving schools even offer a certificate that allows you to complete your driving license tests at the school rather than at the Department of Safety. Contact the TN driving school ahead of time to ensure it is an option.

Minimum Tennessee Drivers Ed Requirements

You must complete a certified Tennessee driving safety course before you can get an unrestricted intermediate license after getting two moving violations on your drivers record or to obtain a hardship license. You will need to submit proof that you have completed a state-approved driver education class and a certificate verifying that you have acquired enough driving practice. In Tennessee, a driving class must include a minimum of 50 hours of practice. Of these 50 hours, at least 10 hours must be completed at night. To verify that driving practice lessons have been completed, parents must submit a 50-Hour Certification Form to the Department of Safety.

Tennessee Driving Lesson Basics

Since driving practice lessons in Tennessee can be administered by parents or state-licensed driving instructors, there is some flexibility in how these lessons can be conducted. If you are a parent, then conducting driving lessons yourself is the preferred option for most teens, but some students find it easier to complete their driving practice with an instructor. Some driving schools include a certain number of hours for driving practice and these hours can count towards the 50-hour total required. When giving lessons for driving, it is best to practice in a variety of weather conditions and at different times of the day. Giving teens opportunities to drive under different conditions will allow them to gain more skills rather than facing new driving experiences on their own after they obtain a license. Driving lessons are intended to start easy and progressively include more challenging maneuvers. Teens should practice driving in residential areas, on rural highways, through cities and in multi-lane traffic. Driver’s license tests can include a variety of all these skills, making it important to cover as many as possible.

When conducting driving classes in Tennessee, it is a good idea to maintain a log book to track how many hours have been completed. A driving lesson log book can include information on the time of day, weather conditions, driving skills used and miles driven in each practice session. A driving school practice log book will assist motorists in completing the 50-Hour Certification form at the Department of Safety.


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